15 New Hair Trends For 2019 (And 5 We Need To Let Go Of)


Much how it’s common practice to change up one’s ‘do after a breakup as a way to symbolize a fresh beginning, the same rings true at the start of a new year. A chance to start again and tackle the year with a bang, changing one’s physical appearance certainly pushes one to change their mental perspective, too.

As fashion trends change from year to year, the same goes for hair. An extension of a lady’s look, hair trends come and go, and as progress continues, so does everyone’s desire for the new and experimental.

2018 definitely saw the public owning their own individualism, and unique trends cropped up such as short, baby bangs and bold, blonde buzz cuts. As women push to break boundaries and barriers even further in 2019, more daring styles are coming into play, both new and uncharted territories and slight homages to the past with modern updates, too.

Here are 15 examples of styles that are fresh and exciting for everyone to try, along with five that even the most daring may as well leave behind along with 2018.

From lighter options such as subtly switching up the tone of the hair to more daring ones such as hacking most of one’s locks off, everyone is covered no matter what they’re willing to try!

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20 A Layered, Mid-Length Bob, For Those Who Can’t Decide What Length They’re After


A mid-length bob is a perfect look for someone still humming and hawing about how short they want to go with their ‘do. Not too long and not too short either, the mid-bob should ideally just graze below your collarbones.

Refinery29 spoke to Unite hairstylist Graham Nation, who says that everyone has been asking for the mid-length bob, with purposefully shorter pieces falling around the jawline.

“This cut falls between a bob and a mid-length chop, with internal layers to add subtle body and dimension around the face,” Graham explains.

A more relaxed approach to the very blunt bobs that are also trending right now, the mid-length, layered bob is the perfect way to ease into a new hairstyle.

19 A Razor-Sharp, Blunt Bob, That Screams ’90s, Too


The ’90s came back blazing in 2018, with people emulating the iconic decade through dress, hair, and accessories. The trend doesn’t show signs of stopping in 2019, and the razor-sharp, blunt bob, when parted down the middle, screams ’90s cool girl style. If you really want to complete the throwback look, throw in some cute hair clips and decorate them throughout your ‘do.

If you want to make it more modern, wear it as is, it’s as easy as that! As per Refinery29, stylist Brianna Colette explains, “From a fashion standpoint, a short, choppy bob is perfect for winter,” says Colette. “This season, we tend to wear more layers — scarves, turtlenecks, collared jackets — and a cut that hits above the neck looks super chic.”

18 Let Go: Ditch The Severe Ombres, Since They’re Too Harsh


Ombre was a trend that really stuck around for seasons on end. With countless Pinterest inspiration boards and celebrities who rocked this trend, the harsh looking ombre is on its way out, with the trend leaning towards a more natural type of ombre.

The reason being, the drastic dark roots that then fade into the ends look unfinished and simply messy.

As per Byrdie, what you should be doing instead is going for a subtler color shift that is more so inspired by sun-kissed, endless beach days, instead of a harsh dye job. Tell your stylist you’re looking for a natural-looking balayage to help achieve this look.

17 A Winter-Fresh Icy Blonde, That’ll Be Ultra-Cool


A new shade of blonde we’ve seen cropping up everywhere is the winter-fresh, icy blonde, that’s absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching. Easiest to pull off if you’re a natural blonde or are currently rocking a bleached blonde look, this look is still achievable if you have another base—it may just take several visits to the hair salon to pull off.

Another thing to note about this look is that it does require maintaining, too. Purple shampoo comes in handy, as using simply a regular kind would turn your locks a light, yellowish blonde, completely getting rid of the icy tone. If you’re ready to commit to all this, however, it’s an absolutely striking look to pull off!

16 A Birkin-Style Soft Shaggy Bob, A Cute And Retro Option


An adorably timeless style that’s finally taking center stage again is the Jane Birkin-style soft and shaggy bob, a look that the popular look that the singer-actress popularized in the late ’60s.

As per Refinery29, the look is on the rise in Los Angeles at the moment and is very versatile.

As celebrity stylist Jillian Halouska explains, “You can bring an image to your stylist, and they can help you create the look you’re most comfortable with. The end result should be layered but in a way that gives rounded softness to the style.” The layers give you so many options to play around with!

15 Slicked Back Hair, Which Is Clean And Put Together


The wet-look hair trend appeared in the latter half of 2018, thanks to countless runway looks and, of course, the Kardashians. What looks ultra-stylish albeit slightly impractical is actually quite easy to pull off, once you know how. As per Marie Claire, to get the look all you have to do is dip a fine-tooth comb into pomade, and specifically pomade (not gel, hairspray, or cream), and simply paint it over your hair section by section until it all lays flat.

The look is versatile, too, as it works wonders on the roots of a classic, low pony, and even helps define shorter hairstyles.

14 Let Go: Ditch The Tiger-Eye Hair Color, As 2019 Is Seeing More Of A Monochromatic Look


2019 is about consistency and maintaining a more monochromatic look, so as much as we loved seeing highlighted, tiger-eye-inspired mixes of golden and brown stripes in our hair in 2018, it’s time to say goodbye.

The tiger-eye trend involved painting caramel highlights over warm or dark chocolate bases and was certainly universally flattering, but after having this trend kick around for a couple years, it’s time to let it die out for a bit.

As the trend is leaning more towards a streamlined look, we suggest going for a bold icy blonde or simply highlight-less for 2019.

13 Curls, But Make Them Perfectly Imperfect


2019 sees us embracing our individuality and going more and more natural, much like makeup trends that have veered towards the no-makeup look. Curls are, of course, always in style, but the trick to updating them this year is to embrace their wild and unexpected nature. As per NYLON, stylist Wes Sharpton explains, “I think we’ll see that curls consisting of more defined shapes are being pulled out to create erratic edges,” he says.

“This is great for the curly girl who is tired of feeling like she can only wear the classic round afro shape from the past. I think we’ll also see a lot of play with negative space.”

12 Smoky, Pastel Hues, An Update To The Pastel Trend


The pastel trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019, all it’s getting is a new, modern twist. In a chat with Elle, L’Oréal Professionnel Editorial Ambassador, Adam Reed, shares, “smoky pink is a grown-up version of pink hair and is soft and sooty with smoky, sophisticated undertones – it’s cool and definitely not flat. If you also add a cool grey root to smoky pink it suits most skin tones and gives pink hair a modern, almost elegant, update too.”

As for whether or not you want smoky pink or purple, consider your skin tone before picking a color.

Purple always looks good on warm, dark skin tones, while pink is more of a universal color.

11 Let Go: Skip The Millennial Pink Hair, As Updated Hues Have Taken Center Stage


Pastel hair was a trend that was rocked on practically everyone in 2018, in particular, pink. The shade millennial pink was one of the trends most requested for those wanting to get on board for the pastel trend, but it’s finally on its way out, due to a shade that’s taken its place.

Lilac tresses are now trending, with searches for it increasing by a whopping 1,077 percent in the latter portion of 2018, as per Harper’s Bazaar. “If you want to start experimenting but still look like a grown-up, follow our temporary hair colour guide and use L’Oreal Paris’ Colorista Hair Makeup in Purple sparingly through your roots.”

10 Become A Silver Fox


So far, 2019 is all about being natural and embracing what life gives you.

So more and more women are beginning to wear their naturally grey hairs with pride, owning them entirely.

As Julia Elena tells NYLON, “Women with already natural silver hair will begin to embrace it and will either discontinue covering it up and go silver all over or try something like hair painting where the light will give the silver an illusion that it’s a natural color.”

Alternatively, women who don’t have silver hair have started dying theirs, as the trend has erupted on IG thanks to the likes of influencers and Kylie Jenner, who also tried the trend, too.

9 Super Straight, Long Hair, Which Lets The Mane Flow


As the ’90s show no sign of stifling their ever-lasting influence in the fashion and beauty world, another hair trend from this iconic decade is back to stay. Super long, pin straight hair, a look once popular in the late ’90s and early noughties, is making a rapid comeback. As stylist Frankie Moody tells Harper’s Bazaar, “I’m extremely sure straight hair will be back in for 2019, so make sure your straighteners are up to the challenge.”

If you’re on the hunt for a straightener that can keep up with your demands, Moody suggests Ghd’s Original Styler.

8 Hair Accessories, But For Adults


The trend of our youth is back, but with a grown-up twist—it’s time to start throwing hair accessories back into our manes.

More than just dainty hair clips or bows and ribbons, hair accessories have suddenly gotten a sophisticated update for 2019 thanks to countless runway shows, and we’re here for it.

As stylist Zoe Irwin tells Harper’s Bazaar, “It really started over the summer months where the heat was extreme and so people were wearing their hair up and accessorising. Although all of the accessories differ in shape and style, they all can be adapted to a multitude of looks which is why I think it will be key for 2019.” She recommends Syd Hayes’ high-fashion pins and Ashley Williamson’s diamante clips.

7 ‘Glass’ Hair, Which Is Actually Attainable


A trend that cropped up on IG thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham was the ‘glass hair’ look, which trended on social media and blew up by the end of 2018. The look is essentially a blunt haircut that’s styled to smooth, shiny, and polished perfection. Essentially looking like a sheet of ice, people were stumped on how to achieve the look, as stepping out into humidity for even a second could ruin your slick look.

As per Harper’s Bazaar, Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton suggests blow-drying your hair with Color Wow’s Dream Coat Spray to lock out frizz, before rubbing in a few drops of shine serum—like Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime Oil Serum.

6 Extremely High Ponytails, As They Frame The Face Perfectly


Ponytails aren’t just for lounging around anymore—they’re making a triumphant and glamorous comeback. We want to thank Khloe Kardashian and, of course, Ariana Grande for giving this trend a chance to shine, since the high pony is always a fantastic option if you’re in the mood to wear your hair up.

Straight, or wavy, it’s perfect for any hair texture, all the while elongating your facial features and framing them perfectly.

InStyle suggests spraying your roots with a lightweight hairspray like TRESemmé’s Compressed Extend Hairspray Hold Level 4, then brush up in line with the cheekbones for the most flattering placement and secure with an elastic.

5 Let Go: Stop Over-Heat-Styling Hair, Since It’s Harmful


As noted, the natural look is definitely here to stay for 2019, and even more so embraced than it was in previous years. This rings true for over-heat styling your hair, as it’s time to finally embrace your natural texture and kink. As celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons tells Byrdie, “There are so many amazing styling products out on the market now.

Play around with some new brands and products to help celebrate your natural texture,” he says. Consider investing in curl cremes, wave sprays, and leave-in conditioners to enhance the beauty of your hair as-is.”

4 Retro-Style Curtain Bangs, Which Are Such A ’70s Throwback


Not every throwback look has to hark back to the ’90s. The ’70s are making an appearance, too. Curtain bangs are trending for 2019, and are a perfect way to try out having bangs without committing to the real deal.

The style looks amazing on any length of hair, be it pulled up or down.

InStyle suggests blow-drying your bangs with a blow dryer and a small boar bristle brush. You simply place the brush on top of the bangs and blow-dry towards your nose first to prevent any cowlicks. Then, you gently twist and direct the brush away from the face to frame the eyes.

3 Androgynous Cuts, Since They’re So Easy To Take Care Of


As 2019 is already being christened the year of individuality, we’ll be seeing a lot of short and bold androgynous styles taking center stage. Perfect to play up your bone structure, youthfulness, and just all-around confidence, these looks are easy and fun, showcasing your fearlessness. As Barney Martin, owner of Barney Martin Salon tells Harper’s Bazaar, “Androgynous crops really make a statement. Think Edie Campbell and Adut Akech. It’s bold and beautiful.”

A pixie cut is a great option and can be worn long enough to tuck behind your ears, adding some softness to your neck and helping you feel less bald!

2 Let Go: Skip The Platinum Blonde Buzz Cut, Which Instead Should Be Grown Into A Pixie


Thanks to Zoë Kravitz, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Taraji, and Cara Delevingne, platinum buzz cuts began popping up everywhere in 2017 and 2018. Although we were so into it since they were simply daring and edgy, we’re turning our heads to another style that’s simply a bit of an update.

The pixie cut is predicted to trend more than the buzz cut, which works perfectly as it’s such a simple transition when it comes to growing out your buzz cut.

As per Marie Claire, simply ask your stylist for short, choppy layers with face-framing pieces to add some texture to the cropped look.

1 Voluminous Braid Pressing, As It Screams Lioness


It’s time to dust off your crimpers from yesteryear, or simply try some DIY to achieve this 2019 trending look: braid pressing. As Zoe Irwin, ghd Ambassador tells Elle, “I’m obsessed with the braid press, a lightly crimped hair look with a strong center parting. Create this look by starting to plait the hair from roughly 5cms down from your parting. Braid until the end of the hairpiece and then lightly clamp your ghd platinum+ styler along the hair and brush out the finished look for extra volume and texture.”

The end result is fearless and bold, making you look like a strong lioness!

Sources: Refinery29, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle


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