7 key trends defining beauty 2019


Beautystreams has put together the following trends – the Cosmotrends – based on the recent annual Cosmoprof  Worldwide Bologna show.

Here, we reveal five of the ten key trends as picked out in the report. Click here​ to discover the other five trends.


Beauty isn’t taking itself too seriously! It’s time to step into the beauty playground. Kids and Gen Z are gravitating towards products that put the fun back into beauty, while also delivering effective skin benefits and gorgeous-looking results.

These products inspire creativity and wide-eyed curiosity, as if to say, ‘Why not?’.

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Simply mix and match, experiment with new product forms, try new colors, and play with endless possibilities. Treat yourself to joyful, interactive, and uplifting beauty experiences.


Luxury organic make-up is no longer an oxymoron. Not so long ago, consumers were forced to choose between serious, clean ingredients, or a premium user experience that focused predominantly on glamour (minus the eco-factor).

Now, brands combine both in their offerings: top-quality, organic and vegan ingredients with safe pigments, together with a breadth of high-performing colors and formulations, and sleek, high-touch packaging.

These are win-win products that look good, feel good, and are good for you.


Just as a raw food diet nourishes the body from the inside out and is said to give flawless skin, so, too, raw ingredients in skin care revitalize the skin thanks to their high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, potent botanicals, and live enzymes.


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