British Beauty Council sustainability report Courage to Change outlines recommendations for UK industry


The Courage to Change​ sustainability report contained a raft of independent analysis and expert insight on current beauty actions and consumer trends around sustainability, along with clear recommendations on what had to happen moving forward. The report called on industry to “work together”​ and “work with the urgency that the situation demands”​ to drive sustainable beauty forward.

The British Beauty Council said it wanted to “lay out a vision”​ and set industry “on the right path”​.

Sustainable beauty action – ‘the climate crisis isn’t going away’

Anna Teal, advisory board member and founding patron of the British Beauty Council, said the overarching goal of the sustainability report was to simply “start the conversation”.

“The report was never intended to be the end; the report being issued is actually the beginning,”​ Teal told CosmeticsDesign-Europe.

And it had been issued at an incredibly important time, she said. “It’s come at a critical time. We have issued the report through the pandemic period because the climate crisis isn’t going away. Regardless of whether there’s a pandemic or not, the challenge remains that a climate emergency has been declared and there is insufficient collective action being undertaken to really make the strides that could be made with a more concerted and collective effort.”

Teal said there were three key takeaways from the report that were important for industry: the business case for sustainability was rising fast; there was still a clear need to improve transparency and openness, particularly when communicating to consumers; and there was also a need to strengthen work and ties with the UK government.