Weddings trends – wedding vows, speeches, photos, centrepieces


Planning a wedding can sometimes feel overwhelming, not least because of the sheer amount of decisions to be made on everything from location to food and the all-important outfits.

While having so many choices to make can take up a lot of headspace, they do offer the chance to make your wedding as personalised as possible.

“Weddings in general over the last couple of years have started to get a lot more personalised and individualised to each couple and I see this trend continuing over the next few years. You’ll see less couples opting for ‘package’ weddings as they want to inject their own personal style into their wedding day,” said wedding planner Carolyn Louise.

If you’re in the process of planning nuptials, it can help to take inspiration from wider trends and put your own spin on those elements. As we head into a new year, these are the trends to know about…

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Wedding ideas

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Wedding vows

The trend for writing bespoke vows shows no sign of changing, according to Carolyn.

“More couples are now having a private legal ceremony and then a larger blessing with family and friends – this is probably due to the increase in popularity of outdoor weddings and the fact you can’t yet legally get married outside in the UK. With a celebrant-led wedding you can have a much more personalised wedding ceremony and write your own vows. I predict that this trend will continue into 2020 and beyond,” Carolyn said.

“We are seeing couples embrace the flexibility of writing their own vows and also working with celebrants and poets who specialise in creating meaningful and personal readings,” added Pamella Dunn, creative director of Pamella Dunn Weddings.

Wedding bouquets

When it comes to flowers, think rustic.

“I think we’ll see more natural and informal bouquets with lots of greenery and textures included. Dried flowers were set to be a big trend in 2019 and I think this will get more popular during 2020,” Carolyn said.

“There has been a noticeable change in floristry styles, away from the tight, round blush pink or white arrangements, which are on their way out,” said Chenai Bukutu, founder and creative lead of By Chenai Weddings.

“There is a rise in wild and fine art-style arrangements of varying sizes. Interestingly the smaller, Lily of the valley, Kate Middleton-style bouquet is still popular but I’m seeing more adventurous choices in flowers incorporating foliage and even grasses. Pampas is still so big in wedding styling and floristry right now but I do see it as a trend that will be on its way out within the next year to be replaced by the new ‘it’ foliage. Coloured gypsophila had a big moment in floral installations as well this year and that will definitely be featuring in the weddings of style-led couples next year,” Chenai added.

wedding table centrepiece

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“As we see the hand tied bouquet becoming less popular, the tear drop shape takes centre stage,” Pamella advised.

“Fresh and dried flowers in soft muted tones are emerging, with trailing hand died silk, velvet, and satin ribbons that catch the breeze. Adding carefully considered details and movement brings your photography to life,” she said.

Wedding speeches

Expect to hear speeches that are bigger and better than ever in 2020.

“The best man speech is now more than just best wishes and gentle ribbing of the groom. It’s most definitely turning into a performance. I’ve seen slide shows, props and everything. I don’t see this trend changing,” said Chenai.

Wedding centrepieces

“A focus on sustainability and eco-friendly weddings will be a big trend in 2020. We may even see less floral centrepieces with them being replaced by items like fruit which can then be re-used afterwards,” Carolyn said.

“I also think there will be less focus on centrepieces generally and the continued trend of ceiling/hanging installations, which give your guests the wow factor! Think anything from balloons, lights and floral installations. Speak to your florist about sustainability and eco-friendly creations – many florists are ensuring they use biodegradable oasis or are growing their own flowers,” she added.

“Tall metal structures to support lavish florals and lush living trees remain popular, with the inclusion of natural dried pampas grasses, seed and flower heads,” Pamella said.

“A wedding centrepiece is also an opportunity to theme the design with a nod to your hobby, travels or favourite movie,” she advised.

Wedding hair accessories

Hair accessories were huge in 2019 and next year will be no different, especially when it comes to bridal beauty.

“One of the biggest trends for bries next year is accessories,” explained Gorka Arraras, head of creative at Charles Worthington.

“Barrettes will be huge and if you are daring, having them on a defined parting placed on the side will be a focal point of your look. Another one for the daring – big and ornate head bands.

Wedding hair accessories

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“For a softer look, pearl barrettes could be placed subtly on the back of your hair look to add more detail.

“The Juliette cap veil is also going to be big, for a country or vintage-feel wedding. This style adds romantic drama,” Gorka added.

Wedding photos

“I think during 2020 we’ll see a lot more bespoke backdrops being created for photo walls. We’ll be moving away from flower walls and possibly seeing more balloon walls being created. Smoke bombs, used to create coloured smoke mainly for photography and videography purposes, are also a trend I feel is going to continue throughout 2020,” explained Carolyn.

“Wedding photography gets more cinematic with each year and this definitely won’t change in 2020. I predict couples being drawn to smoke bombs and more editorial style photography,” said Chenai.

Wedding present ideas

“Asking for a contribution to honeymoons, house purchases or a renovation project are now all acceptable requests if done with grace and etiquette,” explained Pamella.

“But it’s the rise of the experience that we are seeing more of – the giving of interactive cookery, gardening, and DIY classes as well as air balloon flights, prestige car racing, and adrenalin-fuelled extreme sports.”

“Charity donations are also on the rise which I particularly love. If a couple has no need for a new toaster they just ask their guests to donate the equivalent to a charity that means something to them,” said Chenai.

Wedding cards

“Sustainability is a key consideration for the modern couple and very much a movement in the wedding industry. With this in mind, I definitely see the desire for people to have less waste, specifically paper waste,” said Chenai. Expect to see more digital invitations.

For those who do opt for paper, opulence is a key trend for 2020.

Wedding cards

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“Wedding stationery is taking on a regal and opulent feel. Personal monograms and family crests create a luxe first impression. Embossed letter press in muted metallics are as popular for the coming year as lavish floral invitations with deep rich colours and textures,” Pamella said.

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