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Kate and William have delighted royal fans by releasing two new photographs to mark their tenth wedding anniversary today. Over the last decade, the pair have become the Royal Family’s poster couple, and rarely put a foot wrong. Their relationship does actually stretch back another ten years too, as Kate and William met when they were students at the University of St Andrews.

They became friends in 2001 when they both started studying History of Art — although Kate later admitted she was very timid when they were introduced.

During their engagement interview in 2010, she explained: “I actually went bright red when I met you, and scuttled off, I was very shy about meeting you.

“But actually William wasn’t there for quite a bit of term initially, so it did take a while for us to get to know each other.”

Then in the autumn of 2002, Kate was seen joining some of William’s friends for a shooting party on the Sandringham estate, while staying at Wood Farm, sparking reports of a relationship.

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Although Kate was spotted at more events with the royal, her father was quick to eliminate any reports of a budding romance.

OK! Magazine claimed: “In May 2003, they were photographed in conversation at a rugby match, although Kate’s father told a journalist he could ‘categorically confirm they are no more than good friends’.”

However, it’s thought that Kate and William’s relationship did become romantic that same year.

The second-in-line to the throne is thought to have seen Kate in a different light after she wore a particularly risque dress for a student fashion show in 2002.

The future Duchess of Cambridge was actually supposed to wear a slightly more conservative outfit, according to reports, with a sheer black silk skirt and a woolen jumper.

OK! claimed: “But, as she was about to step out on the catwalk Kate whipped off the jumper and pulled the skirt up over her black bra and knickers to turn it into a bandeau dress.

“It was a split-second decision that may have changed the course of her life.”

William is said to have whispered to a friend that “Kate is hot” after witnessing her walk down the runway — he reportedly then made it clear he “was interested in being more than friends” at the after-party.

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“They also got to know each other’s family homes, but their relationship remained a secret until they went skiing in Switzerland in March 2004.”

They were photographed together in the ski resort Klosters, and public interest in Kate — who appeared to be William’s first serious girlfriend — skyrocketed.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also credited with encouraging her future husband to switch degrees and to start studying Geography instead.

Royal biographer Camilla Tominey explained: “Kate, at the time, counselled William with changing his course — she encouraged him not to leave and go back down to London but to stick with it and do something a little bit different.”

The couple did endure two breakups in the years before William finally popped the question in 2010 while on holiday with friends in Kenya.

The Cambridges were considering a trip back to the site of their engagement to celebrate a decade of marriage, but Covid travel restrictions meant that plan was unlikely to go ahead.


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