Want To Nab The Most Iconic Vintage Of The Last Four Decades? Welcome To Vestiaire Collective’s “Vintage Rising”


Vestiaire Collective vintage

When you see Bella Hadid prance around in a pair of low-riders and tiny crop top, Dior Saddle Bag swinging from her limber frame, it’s not a look she’s entirely devised herself. Nor has Kendall Jenner in vintage Versace or Salvatore Ferragamo, or Kylie Jenner in vintage Chanel, or Kourtney Kardashian in vintage Roberto Cavalli, or Kim Kardashian West in, well, vintage everything. Indeed, vintage – and the broader idea of nostalgia – has ostensibly been the biggest “trend” to steer modern fashion, our thirst for nostalgia never as insatiable as now with history both informing and inspiring how we dress today.


Luxury houses know this. The last few years have seen heritage designers reintroduce vintage classics within new season collections, both tapping the fashion Zeitgeist and reinforcing the message that their designs are made to last and be reused rather than discarded after one season. 2019, for example, saw the comeback of ’90s handbag classics: the Dior Saddle and Fendi Baguette. Whilst Celine’s SS20 collection revived classic accessories from its archive, Gucci reintroduced its iconic Jackie bag into its AW20 catwalk show and Bottega Veneta breathed new life into its historic intrecciato, further compounding this idea of in with the old and out with the brand new. Add the issue of sustainably and circularity, and the case for vintage is unyielding.

Vestiaire Collective vintage

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Which brings us to Vestiaire Collective. Today, the leading global community platform for desirable pre-owned fashion launches a new initiative called “Vintage Rising”, aimed at celebrating the importance and growing popularity of vintage fashion in today’s increasingly eco-conscious world. The initiative has invited four formidable vintage experts and stylists from around the world to select an edit of iconic fashion pieces from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, which will be available to purchase on the platform.


Top journalist and fashion critic Alexander Fury, vintage stylist Bay Garnett, designer and stylist Sami Miro and fashion director Suzanne Koller dig deep into the vast Vestiaire Collective archive to handpick the key pieces that defined the last four decades. From the Studio 54-esque jumpsuits of the 70s to the brash logo aesthetic of the 00s, the edit pulls together a truly unique ‘Only on Vestiaire’ selection of must-have rare vintage pieces that are inspiring fashion today.

“Vintage pieces have not only a historical interest and value, but a relevance in today’s wardrobe. They also have the cachet of authenticity – they’re the real deal, not just a reflection of the past. Add in their scarcity and difficulty in finding, and it’s a perfect antidote to the universal availability of fashion today.” Alex Fury

Hero pieces include a Jean Paul Gaultier corset from 1989, Alaïa studded gloves from 1981, a biker jacket by Maison Martin Margiela, an iconic Prada nylon bag, a 1970’s hippy Céline top and a Dior pink monogrammed matching jacket and skirt (very Hadid-worthy indeed).

For Vestiaire Collective, vintage is one of the fastest-growing categories, experiencing +140% growth year on year. It’s a way for Millennials and Gen Z to both develop a unique sense of style and access the pieces they desire in a more eco-friendly way, pieces that are both valuable and timeless. A recent survey revealed that 60% of people who visit Vestiaire Collective are looking for unique rare pieces they can’t find elsewhere* whilst 16% of respondents to another survey said they buy vintage pieces every month**, proving vintage really is the new new.


And to further celebrate our love of vintage, Vestiaire Collective will also be running a unique treasure hunt on the platform from the 3rd-7th September, allowing vintage lovers the opportunity to pick up an iconic piece  for 1% of the selling price. The vintage celebration will end with a series of special offers running from 8th -10th September. 

Vestiaire Collective vintage


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