Hakar Mahmoud on how to use Celebrity Power to Win and Increase Sales


Some of the most prominent cosmetic, fashion, shoe, and soft drink companies get athletes, movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities to be the face of their products.  You will realize that these companies always generate thousands in revenue year in year out. This is not because their products are superior to other similar products in the market, but because of the power, the celebrities have to influence the lifestyle choices of their fan base. Hakar Mahmoud is a famous entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing, especially among celebrities whom he has impressed with his marketing work in celebrity and film promotion. In this article, Hakar tells you how you can use celebrity power (without involving a celebrity) to win over customers and increase your sales.

1. Look for points of connection
Familiarity breeds comfort and trust. It is for this reason that people buy products that celebrities promote. Celebrities are continually putting their lives out to the public in their social media posts, and people, therefore, feel like they know them.  According to Hakar, you can study your market and look for shared interests with them, then put out that content as your brand. This will establish a connection that will enable you to build a more personal relationship with your customers. People will always buy from people they know and trust; consequently, you need to strive to make yourself familiar to your consumers.

2. Make yourself likable
Another reason why people will readily buy a product that a celebrity endorses is that they like them. They subconsciously think that if they dress like them or use the products they use or eat the food they eat, they will be like them. Customer service is a crucial aspect of business that most people overlook but can be detrimental to your business. People hate having to wait long at restaurants; therefore, if you made them wait once, your restaurant may not be their first choice the next time they want to eat out. People also appreciate pleasing personalities and will most definitely recommend your business to their friends based on the one time you gave them excellent service. Additionally, with digitization and platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and other online forums where people post about their experiences daily, you do not want to have a negative review of your business somewhere on the internet. Today, people will look for hotel reviews online before booking one, and a bad rep can significantly affect your business. Regardless of whatever field you are in, likeability will grow your clientele before anything else does.

3. Be consistent
Celebrities continually create and post content, and that is how they maintain their relevance. Hakar Mahmoud made a lasting impression with his marketing work such that celebrities consider him a first choice when they need promotions. This goes to show that your consistency in delivering quality work corresponds to your dependability. Staying consistent in the quality of content you put out and in your professionalism will win you sales and increase your business’s profits.

We hope you find this information useful in boosting your career.

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