Hologram AR Sending blessings, WIMI Leads the New Direction of AR+AI Social


HONG KONG, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MobiusTrend releases a research report “Hologram AR Sending blessings, WIMI Leads the New Direction of AR+AI Social”. On Kim Kardashian’s birthday, her husband gave her a special birthday gift: a birthday message from her late father Robert Kardashian. This is a Hologram AR video. In the video, Robert Kardashian tells his daughter: “Looking at you, you are 40 years old and have grown up. You look as beautiful as you were when you were young. I take care of you, your sisters, and your brothers every day.” Kardashian was so moved after seeing it. Her father passed away in 2003. She described the Hologram technology to be so realistic, and this video is really a special surprise from heaven.

Using Hologram AR technology enables people to create a visual scene. At the same time, this technology is also applied to theaters, museums, and theme parks. In 2012, Pepper’s Ghost technology was used to create Tupac Shakur’s performance at the Coachella Music Festival, with an estimated cost of between 100,000 and 400,000 US dollars. But with the advancement of Deepfake technology, it may become cheaper to manipulate the face and voice of the deceased.

Certainly, Hologram film is not the only method of Hologram imaging. Pure air imaging is also possible. After the system produces air molecules with imaging characteristics similar to water mist, it can be projected by the projector to present a three-dimensional Hologram. However, this method is very costly. Thus, the image space presented is limited.

WIMI Hologram Cloud is a leading Hologram AR technology service provider. WIMI’s business covers various aspects, including high-end home Hologram entertainment, 5G Hologram communications, Hologram social networking, Hologram office meetings, Hologram KTV private rooms, Hologram music cafes, Hologram dance halls, Hologram bars and nightclubs, Hologram high-end restaurants, Hologram amusement parks, and Hologram indoor amusement.

WIMI’s main business is Hologram cloud software content development, cloud platform construction, and industrial chain investment integration. Among them, the construction of the cloud platform is the Hologram character IP, which mainly focuses on strategic IP and key IP. WIMI cooperates with film and television agencies, as well as animation agencies, to jointly develop Hologram animation and film and television works (such as micro-films, serial dramas, sitcoms, etc.) with shared copyrights.

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WIMI will use Hologram light field technology to transmit the AR images of movie stars, fashion models, and game characters through the cloud to the Hologram conference site in hundreds of cities. WIMI uses the latest technology originally developed to ensure that the user experience can reach the world’s highest simulation experience. Meanwhile, it also improves the naked-eye visual simulation of virtual digital products to a high level of lifelikeness, giving users an extremely shocking naked-eye simulation effect.

The gigabit ultra-high bandwidth and millisecond low latency of the 5G network break the distance limit. The interview uses 5G network transmission and Hologram imaging technology, allowing representatives and reporters in different places to “meet” across time and space.

Hologram image communication uses the high-speed transmission characteristics of the 5G network to transmit large data volume of 3D video signals, which can show users a more real world, achieve a qualitative leap in interactivity, and will become a disruptive technology for Internet social networking. In addition to communications, Hologram display technology will also lead the transformation of the gaming and e-commerce industries, and is even expected to cover medical, military, education, and other fields.

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