This alternative platform brings creatives and models under one roof


If the fashion industry had Yellow Pages, everything would be ideal—artists would freely be able to collaborate, models in search for photographers would know whom to reach, and stylists looking for work would be able to nail down their dream job. Enter: Feat. Artists. Founded by fashion consultant Nikhil D and former model Smita Lasrado, Feat. Artists aims to bring together creative professionals like photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, graphic designers, visual artists and aspiring models from all over the subcontinent on one platform. And though the list is not extensive, it is growing with every passing day. Today, Feat. Artists manages models like Radhika Nair and Kangkan Rabha—who are paving the way for Indian models on the international landscape—as well as transgender model Anjali Lama.

“Nikhil and I initially wanted to set up a modelling agency in India—we felt that though there were some really good agencies, we couldn’t pick one that had a real representation of India,” says Lasrado. “The country is so vast and diverse, and definitely needs more representation for the models in the market.” That was the starting point for Feat. Artists, which was launched on Instagram back in June last year.

After about seven months, Lasrado and her partner realised that clients were not only calling them for models, but also asking them to put together entire teams. “We were helping them out with the production and creative direction, so naturally we thought the next step for us would be to gather all those talents on one platform,” explains Lasrado. Soon enough, Feat. Artists had photographers, hair and makeup artists on board, slowly expanding their roster to make room for stylists and art directors. “Another focus with the talent board was to create an online space where these individuals could seamlessly work together,” she adds.

After Instagram, their recently launched website is the newest platform for Feat. Artists. “We used Instagram to promote the models and book jobs as well, which turned out to be a successful way of working. However, we wanted to have a complete portfolio of all the models in one place so that it was easy to share. We also wanted to create a go-to platform for brands and designers, where everything from the design of the campaign for Instagram, their website, printed books, hoardings and even mailers all looked the same to the client,” says Nikhil D.

Take a look at the website, and its strong visuals are to leave an impact. “What we always wanted to create is a collective of not only empowered individuals, but also of artists who like to collaborate and create memorable imagery. Feat. Artists is a space for young creatives and aspiring models where they are comfortable, and can feel like they’re part of something bigger,” Nikhil D concludes.

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