Supercharge your back-to-school wardrobe with vintage threads


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    In 1963, Ovid Demaris and Ed Reid published a New York Times bestseller exposing the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas. For 23 weeks, The Green Felt Jungle remained on the list as curious minds itched to know more about the mob’s presence in Sin City. But Las Vegas is hardly recognizable from that once rough-and-tumble era. These days, it’s more akin to a neon jungle, or perhaps an urban playground. It’s the perfect backdrop for this year’s back-to-school style issue—a hyperreal wonderland of lights and concrete that’s transformed into an uncanny hub for art, entertainment, food, culture and, of course, fashion. The rebirth of the old Fergusons motel as Fergusons Downtown has ushered in its own sort of Vegas renaissance, one that beckons trendy millennials and hipsters, artists and musicians from all over the Valley. Even though school’s just gearing up, you’ll be counting down the days till you can head to Fergusons’ Market in the Alley for vintage and homemade wares. Grab dinner at Chef Dan Krohmer’s yakitori grill Hatsumi and catch a show at one of the city’s best independent venues, the Bunkhouse, all before the day is over. Vegas hasn’t always been known for its street style, but that’s changing, too. Layer it up ’90s-style by pairing denim jackets and flannels with cozy beanies and Doc Martens, go ’80s with trousers and button-ups, or go retro with pinup-inspired threads and leather jackets that James Dean himself would envy. You’ll be ready for your commute from school to the neon jungle in no time.

    Photos by Norma Jean Ortega

    1850 photo by Myron Hensel

    Hair and makeup by Zee Clemente

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    Styling by @Fashionnica

    Female model: Ariel Collins

    Male model: Chris Sangelo / TNG Models

    Location accommodation: Fergusons Downtown

  • 1990

    The ’90s called, and combat boots go with just about anything. Channel your inner Daria or Jane and hit the road in this laid-back, care-free style. Layer up with a denim jacket, a bright neon backpack and a beanie that screams, “I know it’s 100 degrees outside, but I look cute anyway.” Versace striped turtleneck ($55), Courreges burgundy corduroy shorts ($30), Kyoto Kasuals 3 Tone flannel ($30), Stone-washed denim jacket ($40), Crykit’s Playhouse. Neon green backpack ($24.50), neon green boots ($26), Buffalo Exchange.

  • 1980

    Remember Duckie from Pretty in Pink? Well, the John Hughes character known for his eclectic style is all about mixing and matching prints, and we’re here for it. Pair loose-fitting trousers with a bright, patterned button-down and some vintage wing tips or loafers for a look that no one is going to forget anytime soon. Esprit Sport long-tail shirt ($45), Dosha acid-wash pants ($25), Veneto leather mini backpack ($35), Crykit’s Playhouse

  • 1960

    Grease is one of those timeless movies that every generation seems to fall in love with over and over again. For fans of the Pink Ladies, a candy cane-striped blouse with a pussybow and sky blue high-waisted capris will make you feel like you rule the school. All-Aboard blouse ($44), sky blue capris ($75) Belt ($10), Tatyana Boutique.

  • 1950

    Channel the inherent cool of the Beatles in their greaser- inspired early days with a leather jacket from Buffalo Exchange and a pair of vintage Levi’s. Leather jacket ($35), Levi’s jeans ($25), Buffalo Exchange.

  • 1850

    Cowboys and cowgirls are having a moment. Photographer Myron Hensel captures the essence of the 1850s in his signature wet plate collodion tintypes—an archaic process of picture making that he’s bringing back. Keep the 19th century alive with a statement-making ruffle lace dress and cowboy hat.

    ■ Her: Ruffle lace dress ($19.50), Buffalo Exchange. Vintage 1960s Pearl X turquoise tiered clasp choker ($650), FashionNica Vintage Collection.

    ■ Him: Cowboy Hat ($18), White button-up ($15), Levi’s ($25), Chaps ($30), Buffalo Exchange. The Knack blazer ($40), Crykit’s Playhouse.

  • 2019

    Thrifting isn’t always about vintage. If decades past aren’t your style, keep it modern and minimal with an animal-print jacket, mom jeans in a dark wash and loafers—or a solid neutral gray palette with fresh Adidas Superstars.

    ■ Her: Zebra jacket ($29.50), ribbed tee ($8.50), high-waisted Levi’s ($13), silver loafers ($13), Buffalo Exchange.

    ■ Him: Tan T-shirt ($7.50), black utility fanny pack ($17.50), American Eagle gray denim pants ($16), Adidas Superstars ($25), Buffalo Exchange.

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