Find Out Why You’ll Love Allbirds Tree Dasher for Workouts

The Tree Dasher is the newest Allbirds model on the market. We had high expectations when trying these on because of Allbirds’ high-quality history. However, we didn’t expect to fall in love with the Tree Dashers as quickly as we did.

Since we tried them out during the lockdown, we could only give them a small run on the streets. However, as far as home workouts go, these amazing shoes are as close to perfection as you’re going to get. They have quickly become our preferred option for workouts, and although durability still remains to be tested, we feel that these shoes will provide us comfort for the foreseeable future.

It’s hard to tell exactly where do the Tree Dasher running shoes shine – overall, they’re extremely well-balanced and don’t seem to be lacking on any of the most relevant features that you’d expect from your favorite sporting shoes.

Let’s breakdown their build and analyze exactly what makes the Tree Dasher such a fantastic companion for your workouts – both at home and on the streets!

A Level of Comfort Above Anything Else

Whenever you look for a new pair of running shoes, comfort is definitely one of the things that you prioritize. One of the worst feelings that you can get when working out is having shoes that seem to have poor alignment, which makes your feet bump into the edges when you’re running or putting effort into lifting weights.

The Tree Dasher model adapts so perfectly to your feet that they might as well be part of your body. The shape of the shoe doesn’t change drastically when you put them on, but it does adapt to the shape of your feet to make you feel way more comfortable during endurance runs or fast-pace sprints.

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This makes the Tree Dasher a fantastic model to purchase for any type of runner, but even more so for those people who love to exercise and put a lot of strain into their body in their routines. The shoes will definitely help you feel much lighter than most of the other shoes on your wardrobe.

Are the Shoes Heavy?

Another fine attribute that adds to the overall comfort level of these shoes is the fact that they are extremely lightweight. We will be breaking down the materials used in its build further down in the article, but one thing’s for sure: these shoes don’t make your feet feel heavy whatsoever.

They aren’t as light as some modern football shoes, though, but let’s be fair – these offer far better protection and durability when you put the constant strain of endurance runs upon them.

The fact that they’re very light-weight also adds to the point we made of these shoes being ideal for long runs. There’s no need to add extra weight to your sprints – wear the Tree Dasher and let your feet feel the weight of being barefooted with the protection of wearing high-quality shoes. The best of both worlds!

Tree Dashers – Where to Wear?

One of the main things that caught our eyes about these shoes is the fact that you can wear them anywhere. The website itself states that the shoes are designed to be worn in all settings, but it’s truly fascinating trying to discover why this is true.

For starters, the sole is super adaptive and feels well suited to almost any type of terrain, so you shouldn’t worry about any slips or unfortunate mishaps while running.

Besides, the materials used to build the shoe make the entire item an extremely durable one. You shouldn’t have to worry wearing them anywhere you want to work out – they are going to last unless you put an inhumane amount of strain on them.

Naturally, they are made to be worn outside. We recommend you to try them out on the streets or when you hit the gym. However, if you need to be at home, they’re also brilliant workout companions that won’t let you slip regardless of the type of floor that you have.

Looking for Durable Shoes? Look no Further

Those of us who work out quite often know just how annoying it is to have shoes that break down quickly.

Shoes created by unknown brands that don’t put as much effort into finding the best materials and constructing proper layers are prone to wearing down quite quickly. However, shoes like the Allbirds Tree Dasher can last for a very long time thanks to the various layers that go into the creation of the shoe.

Starting from the sole and ending on the laces, the Tree Dasher model stands strain of all sorts. We particularly love the fact that the model feels very robust, but they don’t compromise on some of the technical features that make a shoe great. Just like Allbirds says, the shoes are extremely well designed to withstand use of all sorts.

What really makes the shoes so durable is that the entire upper lager is made without seams – it’s an entire piece of cloth crafted with eucalyptus that makes it as resistant as you can wish a shoe to be. The lack of seams makes it much more difficult for the shoe to tear, adding it a few more years of durability than average.

The Tree Dasher Design is Something Else

The Design of the Tree Dasher is nothing short of amazing. It differs a bit from the traditional look of most shoes, so be prepared to find something a bit different than what you usually buy. The fact that the design is seamless also means that the aesthetics are different to most other shoes.

We really dig the look, though, and there’s one extra reason to buy them: the shoes are as eco-friendly as they come. The entire build is created using natural materials that don’t need to undergo any sort of chemical process that proves detrimental to the environment.

Thanks to Allbirds’ effort, the Tree Dasher is one of the best shoes you can buy if you want to go as green as possible.

Tree Dashers Are Built to Last – Here’s How

As you can see in the image below, the shoes are built in different layers that add to the overall quality, durability, and comfort of the design. Let us take a closer look at how each layer is made to help you understand why the shoes are held in such high regard by yours truly:

  • Overall Build – The design of the shoe is created using ultra-resistant merino wool together with eucalyptus plants to create a comfortable, eco-friendly, and extremely durable piece of athletic equipment. All of these materials create a design that withstands all sorts of damage, which are complement by the quality seamless build of the upper part of the shoes.The inside of the shoe has a couple of protectors where your heel rests, which are mainly there to avoid any damage to your skin (something that can be a problem when wearing thin socks or none at all).The inside of the shoe is also where you’ll find the materials that keep together the whole seamless build and avoid it from simply falling apart. It’s an overall amazing piece of equipment.
  • Sole Construction – The sole is resistant, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not comfortable. You’ll be wearing soles made of two different layers of a foam called SweetFoam, which seems to be one of Allbirds’ favorite types of sole material. They allow your foot to bounce and move freely within the shoe whilst providing it with extra relief and comfort.

The rest of the sole is made with natural rubber, creating enough grip both inside and outside the shoe to work under any circumstances.

Allbirds Tree Dasher – To Buy or Not to Buy?

By all means, we truly recommend you to buy these shoes if you’re after a pair that should last for a long time and give you the feeling of a high-end shoe without having to break the bank to get it. They are extremely comfortable and able to be used in all sorts of places.

In fact, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that just look well and can be sported anywhere you go, these are also a fantastic option for you to purchase. Use them as your new trusty sporting companions or simply wear them casually wherever you go – they are perfect for most situations depending on the color that you choose to buy them.

The Allbirds Tree Dasher is perfect for men and women who are looking to add something different to their sporting arsenal without leaving fashion and good looks behind. An overall amazing shoe, with durability as the one feature that remains to stand the test of time. We’re sure they will fare quite well, though, as the build is impeccable.

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