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Interested on what is on the global fashion radar? Check out this article on all the different fashion trends happening in areas such as Italy, Japan, Taiwan and more! Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels.com

Fall semester is about halfway through; you’re probably studying for midterms, continuing with your daily routines and always wearing the same sweater and pair of jeans. Perhaps you may need some motivation and inspiration. For this week’s column, we will take a look at some of the street styles from the recent fall fashion weeks in Europe and Asia to leave you inspired and on top of the latest trends for the spring 2021 season. 

This season’s street style fashion week in Europe began mid-September in London. The city’s street style trends for women range from a simple combination of a cropped sweater vest, black jeans and combat boots, to colorful dresses, to blue, orange, red and floral printed jumpsuits. For men, neutral toned suits, white shirts and wide-fitted pants are trending, which can be matched with a black leather jacket or blazer. However, bright colored jumpsuits are not uncommon on the runway. This is definitely a versatile mix of looks that will make you stand out among others!  

woman wearing jumpsuit
Hold on to those bright spring jumpsuits. Right now, brightly colored jump suits are far from uncommon in London. Photo by Vitor Lima on Pexels.com

Next, we look at Milan, one of the most fashionable cities in the world. This year’s street style photos were taken in late September, illustrating a varied mix of fashion trends that are sure to leave an impression. Popular styles include trench coats, blazers and suits. Trendy colors vary from neutral tones of blue and black to warm tones of red, yellow and orange. Neutral-toned long dresses are popular in Milanese street style. Although fall street styles predict the trends for spring, many outfits are styled with jackets, so you can definitely try to find affordable replicas now. 

photo of a woman holding shopping bags
Live your best Parisian fantasy, of course, within the states. To give your outfit a little more je ne sais quoi try adding a long coat, style with a stylish dress. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

When we talk about fashion trends, we cannot forget the fashion capital of the world: Paris. This year, Paris Fashion Week occurred in early October and the city did not disappoint. Parisian street fashion has an option for any color or style you desire. One common trend on this year’s runway was jackets. Ranging from long coats, checkered blazers, leather, bomber, fur and jean jackets, they can be paired with dresses, skirts or any style of pants, and complete refined looks. Although there is a variety of colors in Parisian street fashion, blue and neutral tones make a strong appearance. 

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Still not inspired yet? Well, don’t worry; Shanghai Fashion Week occurred just last week, while Tokyo and Taiwan’s Fashion Week street styles were released just yesterday and today.  

In Shanghai’s street fashion, you can find a range of platform boots and black and brown tones in coats, dresses, blazers, pants and skirts. Some colorful outfits and patterned dresses also made an appearance in many street styles this fall. You can’t forget about jackets, blazers and bucket hats that definitely made waves in Shanghai’s street fashion. Another noticeable trend is that a different hairstyle is paired with each outfit, whereas in Europe, hairstyles were fairly unchanging on the runway. A hairstyle can definitely give an outfit a whole new look.  

woman wears yellow bucket hat
Not too fast! Don’t be in a rush to do away with the bucket hat. According to the article, bucket hats are a staple in Tokyo fashion. Photo by Christian Luis on Pexels.com

Now, we will take a look at Tokyo’s street fashion. At first glance, you may see some similarities to the frequent appearance of jackets on other city runways. However, the styles actually vary greatly, ranging from bright prints and platform shoes to monotone and complementary colors. The dyed bangs hairstyle also makes a strong show in Japanese street style, mainly among women. There isn’t really a repetitive color like in other street fashions because styles and colors vary greatly in Tokyo. Some anime-inspired street fashion is also trending. Japanese street fashion is definitely a go-to if you are looking for some color infusion into your wardrobe.  

Last, but not least, is Taipei, located in Taiwan. Blacks, browns and other neutral tones have a heavy influence on Taiwanese street fashion. Women often wear berets and black dresses/skirts. Longer skirts and dresses are also a must, based on photos from Vogue. Men can be seen wearing blazers, vests with button-ups and checkered prints. Sunglasses make an occasional appearance, and looser fit clothing and boots are also popular in Taiwanese street fashion in general.  

shallow focus photo of woman in black long sleeved shirt
In Taipei, neutral colors are dominating the fashion scene. In fact, women often wear long black dresses to make a fashion statement. Photo by mikoto.raw on Pexels.com

From overall impressions, we can tell platform boots, jackets and anything in neutral tones or black are top fashion trends for the spring season. If you want to stay up to date on current trends, the orange leather jacket made many appearances across various street fashions, according to Vogue. It’s difficult to attend fashion shows nowadays, but through street fashion photography, you can still stay on top of current trends or get inspiration for the future.  

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