The Best Online Stores to Buy Prescription Glasses – Buy High-Quality & Affordable in 2020

Getting your hands on a quality pair of prescription glasses is not as easy as it might seem at first, but it’s one of the most important things you can do that will instantly improve your quality of life. People with any type of issue in their sight need to have access to quality prescription glasses that can be relied upon, whilst not costing a fortune along the way.

As such, we’ve made a list of four fantastic sites that can be used to purchase high-quality prescription glasses through the internet, provided that you already have the formula on your hands.  Just be sure to go to an optometrist before visiting any of these websites to ensure that you have all the needed information nearby.

All of these sites are very accurate when it comes to creating glasses with the right formula. We haven’t found any meaningful complaints from customers saying that their glasses came with issues of this sort, which is of utmost importance when purchasing online, given that you can’t easily go to the store and exchange them for another pair or even have them fixed.

Warby Parker (recommended)

Warby Parker is a no-nonsense brand that focuses on providing buyers with the chance to get their hands on reliable glasses that are affordable by anyone. The company came into prominence by giving users the chance to get a hold of a pair of glasses for a few days, allowing them to try out whichever pair of glasses they wanted to buy before actually spending their money on them.

This was also done to showcase how fantastic the company’s return policies were, and that’s still one of their strongest points to this day. Warby Parker offers amazing prices, which could be a bit lower anyway, but they’re still super affordable and delivered quickly.

The Try at Home Approach

Arguably Warby Parker’s strongest selling point. The company allows you to take a small quiz through their website to determine, first and foremost, which pair of glasses would you rather get. It allows you to tell the website the style of glasses that you want, and how you want them to look. Overall, the selection proves is quite simple but really effective.

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Once you’ve managed to complete the quiz, you’ll be presented with a plethora of options where you can choose the pair of glasses that suits you best.

The next step, contrary to popular belief, is not proceeding to checkout. You will be able to ship the glasses to your home and try them out first. Wear them for five days and see if you get any compliments, or simply find out if you look as well with them as you thought you would look before making the order.

Now that you’re sure, it’s time to buy them! You get 5 full days with your glasses without spending a single dime in them. Be sure that you like them before you buy them!

Cheap & Stylish Prescription Glasses

The second aspect that we love about Warby Parker is that the glasses are very cheap for the quality they have and the materials used to manufacture them. There’s just a small con, though: there are no branded glasses on the WP shop. That means you will buy glasses directly manufactured by the company, and you won’t find any pair from a major glass brand.

If you don’t mind the brand that much, then we’re pleased to tell you that you should be more than happy with Warby Parker. Their glasses look good, they have style, and they’re not expensive at all.


If you’re looking for a fancier choice with a designer name attached to it, then you might want to check out LensCrafters. Bear in mind, however, that LensCrafters is a fancier brand that sells designer glasses to customers online, which means you will have to pay more if you wish to get your hands on top of one of these pairs of glasses.

This also means that you will have many more choices than you have in other sites, as the company truly seems to be set in providing people with options galore and hundreds of glasses to choose from. Quality is a given when purchasing at LensCrafters, and you can even go to one of their land-based stores if you wish to have some custom work done.

Purchase Online & Cut Straight to the Chase

LensCrafters has a very unique approach when it comes to selling prescription glasses online. The company’s website won’t allow you to get as many custom things done as you would have in a store, and many would say that LensCrafters offers twice as many services in their brick and mortar stores than they do in their website.

Some might see this as a negative, but the company’s approach is clear – they want you to visit their stores if you wish to access additional services, but you can also get things done super quickly if you visit their website. Their online store lets you select any model of your choosing and enter the formula to get your glasses done in a matter of minutes.

Shipping is not as quick as it is at Warby Parker, but you’ll get your glasses pretty soon. Just bear in mind that LensCrafter is run by a megacompany, which also means their prices are as expensive as they get in the online glass market. You will be paying for quality, though, so one expensive LensCrafter purchase might be worth much more than five purchases made in other sites.


GlassesUSA takes an even more radical approach than Warby Parker and combines its services with what LensCrafter is looking to achieve in their land-based stores. You can visit the GlassesUSA website and you will instantly feel like you’re actually in any brick and mortar establishment, as the company aims to provide you a “land-based” experience but without you having to leave your home.

As such, you will be able to pick any pair of glasses that you’d rather buy, and before making the purchase, you will be able to turn on your webcam and the site will instantly place the model upon your face. This will let you know how it looks on you even before you place the order and have the glasses arrive at home.


A Balance of Pricy and Affordable

The magic of GlassesUSA is that you will be able to buy any type of glasses that you need. It’s okay if you’re looking for designer options, as the site has plenty of them available for you. However, if you would rather save up some cash and you’d rather buy something more generic, you could also buy one of their cheaper models.

GlassesUSA provides you with hundreds of options to choose from, and all of them have the option to be “virtually worn” if you have a webcam thanks to all of them being 3D-modeled by the company.

Furthermore, you will also be able to purchase contact lenses if you browse the GlassesUSA store. They don’t have as large a selection as they do with their traditional glasses, but you will be able to get your hands on a high-quality pair if that’s what you need.

The only real issue that we found with GlassesUSA is that they don’t have a try-at-home option, but their return policies more than make up for it. You will be able to schedule a return quite easily and with no hassle, which is fundamental if you don’t get to try the glasses first.

Thankfully, the scanning feature does allow you to see how the glasses look on you before you buy them, and there are rarely any issues with the glass prescription being wrong.


If you’re looking to compromise a few additional features of the website in exchange for an even cheaper online experience, then EyeBuyDirect might be exactly what you’re after. This company focuses on delivering quality glasses at really affordable prices. As you can imagine, though, there aren’t any designer frames to choose from.

The site does come with a feature to try out the glasses virtually, much like GlassesUSA, and there’s a large selection of options that you can choose from. With hundreds of glasses to select, there’s always going to be at least one that suits every type of buyer!

Quality & Cheap Prescription Glasses

EyeBuyDirect packs a punch when it comes to offering options to buyers. There are many glasses to choose from, and with prices starting at just $16 per frame, it’s one of the cheapest online retailers of glasses in the world.

You should only keep in mind that the prices are only for the frame per se, and the crystals are bought separately. In any case, they’re still cheaper than market average. The only thing you need to do is take into consideration the additional price of your glasses when browsing through the gallery of available frames.

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